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I’m Alexa and I am a qualified Web Designer by graduating a Web Designer Course in 2018 and finishing a Digital Media Design Degree at university, becoming a full qualified digital creative designer . Likewise I have experience and a keen interest in Branding . I see myself as an Illustrator too as I enjoy creating characters and doing artsy things, hopefully you’ll find my work quite cool. 😉 The Sofware that I enjoy working in are Adobe XD, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects,  SAI, Clip Studio and In Design, Canvas. In terms of development I have skills in HTML, JavaScript, Bootstrap and especially WordPress.

About me

I can create high standard designs and branding solutions, alongside being an experienced Illustrator. I would love to collaborate for more interesting projects as design is a passion of mine since I was little.

I studied Digital Media Design and graduated in 2020 at University of Winchester, while being a licensed Web Designer already.


FINISHED projects




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Years of experience

As my major project for University I wished to tackle more the packaging and branding field.

Therefore I combined my passion for make-up with my skills for design and created a make-up company with 3 collections already and more to come !

In terms of design subject it approached Medusa and snakes while delivering high class make-up products. Check this amazing project out !

This project required me to offer a website design following a set of guidelines while giving it a modern approach. This was a project developed in my second year at University and both me and my lecturer are very happy with the end result! Feel free to take a look 😉 

Carpatica cups is a new company that will officially open in 2021. Their purpose is to sell recyclable paper cups in the hope of making a better tomorrow ! 

It approaches a clean and bright liquid waves kind of theme in terms of design approach.

If you’re looking for logo branding this page is for you!

Over the years I have developed quite a decent amount of logo’s I enjoyed making. From companies, to societies I have covered quite a lot of different design styles but I am more than able to do other styles to suit you !

You want, I create !

I have developed promotional animations and designs for flyers and posters for STOP THE WORLD- I want to get off, musical production which sadly had to be canceled because of COVID-19. 

‘Alexa came on board as graphic designer for our 3rd year production of the musical Stop The World – I Want To Get Off and delivered high quality work quickly. Alexa was open to the collaborative process and received and processed notes graciously and quickly with attention to detail. I would definitely work with Alexa again.

A different beast is a brand new company still in development focusing on football shoes and wanted me to create their brand new logo. 

If you’re looking for logo animation I have expertise in that as well. King Alfred’s company is very happy with the end result. They desire a professional logo animation for their videos and this is what I delivered. On the page you can see other options I have created so feel free to check them out 😉

My RSA Animation

This is my RSA “Living and dying Well” animation which is also my first time ever creating an animation. I treated this very personal as it was during the time my mom died of cancer. 

It is not finished yet, but I am still working on it so I can show you all the final piece as soon as possible  ! Hope you’ll like it ! 😉 


Check out my branding projects from my portfolio and see what other projects I have there ! 😉 I have a variety of client projects that you can check out !

logo projects

In my portfolio you will be able to see my variety of clients Logos that I created in Adobe Illustrator. Each of them is unique in it’s own way and all the clients are very satisfied . You can see more in the Portfolio page or in the Testimony section.

web design

As I am very interested in Web design you will be able to find in my portfolio  3 very interesting projects that I enjoyed doing. Check it out in order to see more 😉 


Here you can see a variety of my work but If you check my Portfolio page you’re going to find out more projects and more info about how I did it ! 😉


Leave me a message and I will get back to you as soon as possible ! 😉


James Callard

"Very happy with this new logo! Big thank you to Alexandra Iuga for designing for us, she is talented at this and if any of you need media design she is more than welcome to help !”

Josh Armstrong

"Alex was such a professional person to work with and accommodated ideas we had as well as putting a creative twist to it! Quick and Professional and amazing quality work!”

Darcie Kermode

"I can’t thank Alexa enough for her patience and hard work when coming up with a design that was just right for what I wanted. She has created something that really reflects a part of who I am, as well as what my business represents. Amazing to work with, and I would definitely use her service again!"

Louissa Leal

"Alexandra was a lovely person to work with, and really created a logo that fits our society. She asked us what colours we wanted, and then made various designs for us to choose from which was great. She was also willing to re-do the logo when we had to alter the name of our society.”

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