• In the SoonAs project, I spearheaded comprehensive UX-UI website design, brand creation, and the development of two successful mobile apps (for both customers and drivers).
  • Additionally, I crafted impactful animations for advertising, ensured synergy with the brand in social media assets, and designed compelling flyers, brochures, and banners. This all-encompassing endeavor began with thorough brainstorming, ideation, and meticulous wireframing, culminating in a vibrant and unique UI along with functional prototypes.
  • SoonAs, a package delivery app and website, stands as a testament to my end-to-end creative involvement, offering a seamless experience where users can select both the ideal vehicle and driver for their deliveries.

UX/UI - Website & Apps

Created a brand new customer friendly website and 2 new apps for customers and drivers with a unique branding setting themselves from its competitors.

Animated Adverts

Created animations that were used in advertising and generated 2000 clicks in 1 week which brought company awareness and therefore new customers/drivers.

Graphic Design & Illustrations

Created Illustrations, Banners, Posters, Brochures, Banners, Social Media Posts & assets.

UX-UI Web design

A new app and web-based delivery service, SoonAs has been launched to revolutionise the UK delivery sector. It is designed to smoothly connect customers with available drivers to complete on-demand deliveries. 

With SoonAs, customers can easily organise the transport or delivery of any item via its easy-to-use app or web-based service as it connects users and drivers in the area.

How does SoonAs work?

To use this delivery service, users need to either visit the website or download the app. Here, they need to enter a brief item description, date and postcode of delivery. This will offer customers with flexible booking options so that they can choose the driver based on the best bid, driver rating or convenience of delivery.

The SoonAs app connects the users and drivers and lets them view live jobs in their area, enter price bids and manage their work. Once connected, customers can track their drivers’ progress via the app and communicate with them on the move. Also, there is a transparent five-star driver review system.

Initially, SoonAs is available in five locations, including Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds and Milton Keynes. The service will soon be made available to consumers across the country with local drivers’ live bids on customer jobs being directly displayed to them via the app.

Customer App

SoonAs also has a customer App used to place jobs and choose your  desired driver. You can view the bids received and choose your favourite driver. You can view their reviews as well, message the drivers, look for your active jobs, give drivers reviews and see your job history.

Our app helps you choose the perfect van for your items by giving you a detailed category system, detailed description of vehicle size all to help you choose the perfect vehicle for your items.

Driver App

SoonAs second app is for the driver. Here he can create his account, check available jobs, active jobs, send messages to his customers, see his job history or search a specific job.

Drivers have to bid for a job and the customer will accept the bid they want. The drivers also get to receive reviews from customers which will help set them, apart when bidding for a job.

Other screens


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Email Design

that makes you want to read it all

In the realm of SoonAs, I’ve not only devised a myriad of wildly successful email designs but have also been the creative force behind every captivating illustration. Meticulously ensuring a harmonious consistency with the brand I’ve crafted, each element exudes a seamless fusion of innovation and visual brilliance.

Free-Flyer-01-emailsoonas (1)

Social media digital creatives

I’ve curated an array of mesmerizing digital artworks tailored for our brand, breathing life into our social media channels. Each design captures the essence of our identity, creating a visually captivating narrative that resonates with our audience.

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