Brand refresh

Deals page

This is a brand new page introduced to Homebase due to the multitude of offers it has. Our goal was to show them in a more organised way and making it easier to differentiate them from each other.

The brand NEW deals page

On the left you can see both mobile and desktop versions of our brand new Deals page.

It was created because of the need to show the tremendous amount of deals all in one space but in a more organised way and an easier way of differentiating them from each other.

This page does just that.

First we have the CTA’s showing the types of deals present on that page so the customer can go straight to the type of deal they want from there or if they’re not sure they can scroll the page and see more details about each of them.

The 2 to 3 types of deals each have a section short section to show some deals and a clear CTA that leads you to the main page for that specific deal and 1 main deal section at the top.

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Page still in progress...