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Website rebrand
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My approach involved meticulous focus on enhancing user experiences, ensuring every aspect of the website aligns seamlessly with contemporary design principles. The positive impact is evident in both the enhanced user-friendliness and the tangible boost in sales figures, affirming the success of our collective endeavors in creating a more compelling and commercially successful online platform.

Here are a few examples of my work

Trending now section

To address the need for highlighting specific high-priority products, such as the HOT items Homebase aims to promote urgently, the Trending Now feature was developed. The challenge was to effectively showcase multiple categories and a larger number of products without cluttering the page or disrupting the user experience.

The solution devised was a carousel organized into three categories, allowing for rotation on a weekly basis. This design not only accommodates a greater variety of products but also seamlessly integrates additional details such as discount labels, previous and current prices, and available colors. By leveraging this carousel approach, Homebase optimizes product visibility while maintaining a streamlined and intuitive browsing experience for users.

View Basket button

The persistent basket icon, visible after hoovering on the basket icon, while scrolling on a page, serves a crucial UX/UI purpose. By providing a constant reminder of the items in the basket, users can easily monitor their selections without the need to navigate to the basket page. This allows for seamless browsing while ensuring that users can proceed to checkout whenever they are ready, enhancing the overall shopping experience by offering convenience and flexibility.

Customers who bought this also bought- Basket page & PDP pages

This ecommerce recommendation algorithm placed at the bottom of the basket page & PDP pages shows items that were frequently bought together by customers who also bought the item currently being viewed. This is an effective way in making customers buy more products. 

We utilize an algorithm that analyzes the behavior of our customers to figure out what they are most likely to buy.

Result 7% more sales as the shopping journey is much easier & customer friendly.

Repetition Checkout button

With the need to improve the shopping cart page , this solution would help in reducing cart abandonment by making the next step ultra-fast. Two buttons were placed at the top and bottom of the page so that when a customer has a long list of products they can checkout fast by pressing on the closest CTA to them no matter if they’re at the top or bottom of the page.

The checkout CTA has a responsive design, that makes sure it “pops” with a contrasting colour.

Wardrobe Lister Pages

Need: To show the inside  & inside colour of the wardrobe on a Lister page.

Problem: Limiting space, small image, be aware of the Heart icons on the top right corner of the image and the left and right arrows on the PDP page.

Solution: Graphic image showing both the wardrobe and the inside with the right notes on it making it very clear what it is presenting without overcomplicating it.

Design made based on the problems explained above.

Result 14% more sales as the shopping journey is much easier & customer friendly.


Our Latest deals & Popular categories

In the context of redesigning Homebase’s homepage, the concept of minimalism and user-centric design takes center stage. I aimed to strategically integrate key deals and categories into the layout while prioritizing seamless user navigation.

By carefully selecting and featuring essential categories like “NEW products” and seasonal offerings such as “Winter Essentials” and “Christmas,” I ensured easy access and relevance for users. Moreover, with Homebase boasting a vast array of categories, streamlining to 12 primary ones on the homepage while offering additional options in the menu optimizes user experience.

This approach not only maximizes space efficiency but also enhances user engagement by aligning with their shopping preferences and flow.

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