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My approach involved meticulous focus on enhancing user experiences, ensuring every aspect of the website aligns seamlessly with contemporary design principles. The positive impact is evident in both the enhanced user-friendliness and the tangible boost in sales figures, affirming the success of our collective endeavors in creating a more compelling and commercially successful online platform.


For the Kuchenmobel consultation forms, I undertook the task of modernizing the pages while establishing a seamless connection between the Kuchenmobel brand and Homebase. Embracing creative freedom, I opted for sophisticated design elements, incorporating sleek visuals with a subtle yet contemporary flair. Utilizing elegant imagery overlaid with a dark palette, I aimed to evoke a sense of modernity and style, punctuated by strategic pops of color for emphasis and visual appeal.

Later I had to implement the same layout (to keep it all consistent) to the Wardrobe and Bathroom forms as they required rebranding and modernisation as well.

Top of page


At the header of the page, the primary objective is to provide a succinct overview of the page’s purpose. To reinforce this, I included three key points about the Kuchen mobel brand directly beneath the title. Complementing this, a visually appealing representation effectively communicates the essence of the brand. Additionally, basic information regarding the number of appointment stores adds further clarity. The design adopts a modern and sleek aesthetic, aligning seamlessly with contemporary sensibilities.

Forgiveness design rule

Designing for forgiveness means creating products that are forgiving of human error. It involves anticipating mistakes users may make and incorporating features that minimize their negative impact. By designing for forgiveness, products can be more user-friendly and ultimately lead to greater user satisfaction.

Thefore we knew a certain amount of people might forget to choose where they are in the kitchen journey therefore I implemented this pop up to remind them to choose one option before going to the next step.

The 4 journey options

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Choose your store step

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2. Choose your date & time

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