This volunteer work challenged me in creating a visual email for the Surrey Care Trust while using their text and making sure the information has a good position in the composition while being eligible as well.  The visual had to represent the message while using the colours that represents brand of the company which are VIOLET, GREEN (main colours) and a little ORANGE. I wasn’t given a brand guide line but I did receive some examples from their magazines,online website, from which I cropped and used the Eye Dropper tool in Illustrator. 

Time spend on the project: 1 week

My main Software used were Illustrator and Clip Studio.


I also received through email all the info I had to put in the invite.


My main Software used were Illustrator and Clip Studio.

I chose Clip Studio because it is my main Software used for digitally painting (in this case we have as examples my compositions with the two hands) and Illustrator because I consider  it being the best for vector based compositions such as the ones made in flat design that I am going to present further on in this Portfolio page.


For my research I used Google images to look for inspiration and see what kind of imagery is used for “working together”. Bellow you can see what inspired me and what I found useful. I noticed the compositions are quite bright but I had to conform with the brand of the company which was using the colours purple,green and a little orange.


At first I tried to sketch compositions about activities that would best represent the “helping each other”element. At first I thought about planting trees as this company is all about doing good. And then about fun activities but I realized it wouldn’t really be the best approach for the subject of the letter. My third idea was the one about holding hands which could be a good element representing the “helping each other”part. Other ideas were about the group of people making a project work by working with each other and therefore everything is a machine and by taking care of that there is going to be a good outcome in the end. And many other ideas you will see below.


I traced the following image to create my design, in order to make sure human anatomy is right for that kind of position. The tool I used is called the Pen Tool which can be found in Adobe Illustrator.


I will present bellow the process of creating the elements designed in flat design style and I will also explain why I chose that style.

First of all I first had the inspiration from my research i  my first images, following that I created my sketch about my idea that I want to incorporate the element in and the third step is creating the design element fully developed in Adobe Illustrator. That I would later on use in my composition. I made all elements according to my colour palette respecting the brand of the Organisation.

I chose flat design style as it not just made the design development more easy ,but also i considered it right for the email invite purpose.

Following that ,after having my main element I kept playing with my composition until i found a design that both value the text (information) and the visual elements. I would start with designing my sketch idea and then create more design compositions based on what ideas I would come up while designing in the Software,by playing with elements around the previous composition.

Below you can see my main inspiration for my final design. I was looking to create a flat design composition showing a group of people helping each other and the first images  are my main inspiration for this idea. Following that I created my own composition as seen in the sketch. 

The flowers that bloom from the hard work represent what the group work can achieve by everybody helping each other. I gave this design a more metaphorical approach.

During my research I have seen many images with people holding hands that represent team work and I thought about creating my own version but keeping the colours of the brand and this is what I came up with.


These are the designs created in CLIP STUDIO Software different paint brushes , fonts and different effects and Adobe Illustrator for the oness ade in flat design as I used the pen tool to create the flat design elements. Those are put in the order of their creation and therefore it also represents the flow of my work from first designs, to the last ones.


Delivering the final results feedback:


This is the final design chosen as the client believes it was the best design approach in their opinion. Personally I also really liked the design with the two people climbing the mountain together I just simply liked the composition overall. As a look back I would maybe use a different font as it may seem a bit all together somehow, but overall I am satisfied with my result. I delivered the design both in JPG, PDG and Adobe Illustrator (the Software I created in it) in best quality in order to make sure they have everything they need.

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