This collection approaches the snake subject in a more realistic style as it has patterns in the design of real snake skin. Although it might not have many products in the collection, it does have something extra in comparison to the other ones.

This collection comes with mini lip kits of different colours and therefore different design on the package showing the colour of the lipstick. Reaching this last collection I can say that I grew more comfortable with this side of the design.

And therefore I did not hold back. All items are connected by the presence of the logo, dark backgrounds and snake skin elements. Personally the Python Lip kit is by far my new favourite and I added a lot of thought into every little element I chose to add in the design.


In order to find ideas about integrating snake patterns/elements into my designs I had to go through a certain amount of research.  It was quite difficult finding products are not many make-up companies approached this subject. I had to use different platforms as Google was not very helpful this time and therefore I used Pinterest and even there it took days to finally find a couple of examples for inspiration.

What you will be able to notice I really tried to find make-up products with snake skin pattern in the product itself and therefore I found that MAC, Tarte , Sonia Kashuk, and Bonnie Garner have some really good examples although I preferred Mac’s one more as my Blush will also have a big size and having a body of the snake as well it looks better on such a big size rather than just snake skin pattern. I also got inspired from Premier’s packaging design but in my opinion it has a bit too much skin pattern and therefore in my design I intent to use a more subtle version. Gucci simply looks prestigious and very elegant, element which I liked a lot. Although my products will not have such a “royal” design I do want them to look professional and high class.


This a more general presentation of makeup palettes and brushes. As you can see I am really interested in the patterns on the eye-shadows or the blush. But I also noticed how the colour of the eye-shadows somehow mach the colours from the palette design.


I consider this set a separate collection from the Snake Skin collection but this collection is what started my idea and has common elements such as the use of snake skin pattern, composition,snake elements, dark theme, presence of logo and so on.

Here are my sketches for the Python lip kit. I wanted from the start to have big voluptuous lips with some art on it made by a more glittery liguid and therefore I just simply tried to see how it would look like. I realized it would look better if I had rel looking lips rather than illustrating them and started cropping them from different make-up artists. In order to stay in brand I added a snake skin element on the side of the package, the name and all the colour names and number being related to snakes.

As you can see in my notes on the sketches the lips composition on the right seems a bit too sexual with the tongue around the candy. Yes I do want my collection to make my potential costumers feel empowered, sensual, mysterious and strong like Medusa and snakes which are associated with these atttributes.

I chose to go with the last composition as it looks more modern with the very big lips so close that it is almost out of the composition. I wanted to add the logo of course, name of the item and what it is. In the end you can see bellow in the sketch that I decided to add weights as well and different  languages as based on my research certain products have that.



One of my first products designed were the Python Lip Kit. I gave it  a more realistic look as it goes with the real looking snake patterns on the side of the package and therefore I still respect the brand. Each colour has a different lipstick art presentation on the package and a different overall presentation as well. 




Here I am presenting the products with the package and colours available as shown in the palette and make-up powder.

As personally I don’t have enough skills and neither was my intention to focus on 3D design, I tried to find a simple palette that would be similar as in my vision. I did not modify it in Photoshop  this time, adding more design elements as the product is viewed in a small size and therefore adding design pattern such as lips would make it look way too ,,busy,, as there is enough design on the packaging and therefore I considered that it is enough for this particular lipstick palette.

In terms of providing the same colours for each palette that would go with the lips I chose, created by different make-up professionals(which I cropped in Photoshop and then position and blended in the composition) I I whent to New Adjustments Layer in Photoshop , clicked on Colour Balance and tried to get a similar colour as that of the lips. Using the circle selection I would select the lipstick and change the colour of it and for the powder I would us the Magnetic Lasso in order to select it all and change the entire colour of that powder.


If you take a closer look into my designs you will see the number and names that represent the colour of the make-up product. I decided to take it a step further and make even that mean something. As this collection is even more dark than the other ones  and it doesn’t have so much straight forward snake elements, just a pattern of it this time ( which I thought it was a smart, modern, elegant choice) and my play of words with names, I made sure all my names and colours are representative to the brand. For example worth mentioning are the colour names: Viper, King Cobra, Poison, Dangerous, Venomous, English Rose (that is more of a tribute to my time spent here and the rose elements on the lips but also in my research the English Rose has that pastel colour too which was a nice surprise). In terms of the numbers

Presentation of the product

Design ready for construction


For this collection I decided to try a new form for my blush which also reminds me of the way snakes crawl in more circular ways rather then geometric, as well as the fact that in jewelry people tend to use the snake in more of a circle form for bracelets, rings, medallions and so on.

As an example are the images on the right which can clearly show how the snakes form has been used in a circular way. It can be seen the famous idea of the snake biting it’s own tail. Therefore I decided to  give a round form to my blush. The package it comes in is still square as it is easier to create practically, usually used by most companies and it also gives me more space to display the information about the product.

At first I had an idea of implementing the snake biting it’s own tale in the blush around the mirror but I decided to keep it simple and elegant as at the end of the day it is a make-up product, not a jewelry and therefore I need to keep in mind it’s practicability and what it is used for. On the packaging design on the other hand I was more than free to play around with. Likewise I also thought about adding a snake pattern in the blush as a constant reminder of the brand element.

Packaging design blush skecthes
Blush product design-snake biting its tail idea

I chose the first sketched idea because it went better with the brand as well as circle around the logo being an element I used frequently throughout my designs and therefore it just makes sense. Which is why I tried to add this element to all my products from this collection one way or another. The circle around the logo brings attention to it and it helps separate better from the background. I applied the same design on the blush itself as it keep the design consistent but without the words as there is no need for those on the item( and it would make it look very busy as a design composition)(it also would not go on a circle composition as it was made to look good on a square one).

My first idea of the blush was including a snake biting its own tail as a frame for the mirror. But besides the fact that it would be extremely hard to create in 3D or photoshop, I simply decided that this would not suggest simplicity and elegance. And went with a simple frame as most companies do in this industry. Most design in terms of creativity is focused on the lid of the products or package.



This palette I can say came a long way. It all started from my wish of creating a Medusa inspired palette as that’s how my idea of the entire company came. But sadly because I did not end up using snakes that would look very well on a red background ( as a look back I should have thought things better), my original Medusa had red hair and red lipsticks as well. Which just did not go with any of my collections. As I loved the design and I wanted to still use it I managed to modify the colours and design the palette in a way this can fit the collection as it has the real snake pattern on the palette and the logo in the big circle that this collection seem to have in all products. I really enjoy the end result and that I managed to overcome that obstacle as i did not want to give up on this collection after all the work done on the Illustration itself and Lip kit.


My first sketches of the palette which can be also seen developed later on this page as I could not decide on one. All of them have potential but I only came up with the 3r idea after the first two just did not work and I loved it. It is not devided and has the snake pattern implemented in the up and down frame. Also by being more focused on the eyes, rather than the entire face it is a perfect choice for an Eye shadow palette.

The Illustration journey



This is my final choice as it has the elements representative to the collection such as the snake skin pattern used for the frame, the font used Bell MT for titles, explanations and so on and the presence of the logo ( font used Afterglow Regular) and the white circle  behind it, common to specifically this collection. As well as a dark background and feel to the design. I love the look of my interpretation of Medusa, she looks fierce, seductive but dangerous. I changed her eyes from green to yellow as too many colours would brighten the composition way too much and this way I keep the colour scheme the same ( gold/yellow, black and white). I really enjoy the type of style I used in this illustration and although it is the only item with an illustration , because of the elements mentioned before used , it does stick to the branding.



This collection also has a Blush, named Magic blush which has more skin texture in terms of design choice in comparison to the other items from this collection. It has a very modern and dark feeling  which I adore. Because of the bigger size I managed to integrate the logo on the inside of the palette as well as I had plenty of space and not a difficult busy background. Therefore for me that choice made complete sense and because of the circle it is in, goes very well with the round colour blushes.

The design on the palette was well thought considering the size and form of the palette. I believe I have made the most of it, giving it a lovely snake pattern, modern touch using the text as part of the design elements and having included successfully in a subtle way the name of the palette. It does not look like it was an element added at the last minute, but instead it looks perfect being placed under the logo. And I love how you can see the existence of the logo both when u hold the palette and when you open it. It also send a mysterious feeling just like Medusa’s interesting legend and snake’s who seem full of secrets as well therefore being mysterious, as ordinary people don’t dare to approach neither of them but they do create curiosity in people’s eyes and therefore mystery.

The text was as well thought through. I wanted something modern and a little dark, but short because of the limited space in the square form. And therefore I came up right away from the start with the name “TO DIE FOR BLUSH”. It is bold, it sends a feeling of danger just like the snake does and it sends the message that the blush is amazing. Also a slight reminder of how Medusa’s gaze kills and therefore this blush is also a powerful item because of how great it is. It is comparing the person who uses it in a way with Medusa. Therefore it dares you to buy it just like Medusa’s gaze dares you to look it it.  

From sketch to end result.


Therefore, in conclusion this is my last developed collection. It has a main make-up palette (Medusa’s Eyes),  a blush with a mixture of options ( Magic Blush), and a simple blush ( Venomous Blush). All of these come with the specific snake frame of the brand. My biggest challenge was developing the Medusa palette as I had trouble at first finding a suitable composition that would look good and be suitable with the brand of the company until I realized that the original colour red of the hair and lips just didn’t go with the dark brand characteristics. As soon as I changed that I felt inspired right away. I also struggled developing the Medusa interpretation I was satisfied with. 

I also created a separate lip kit set which I am completely in love with as it has composition with a big  visual impact on the viewer while maintaining a high class feel and dark characteristic. 

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