Jo Rhomeo

Author & musician


I had the pleasure to work with this amazing artist and moreover person and helping with materials for his social media channel that you can find on Instagram on jo_rhomeo.

Feel free take a look and check his awesome music  as well ! 

The client wanted a post for his social media using the picture he send me of himself and a romantic text from his new album that was going to come out soon. I wasn’t given any instructions or preferences which is why in my design approach  I tried different styles. As a look back I would have send him my research and inspirations and ask him if he sees something he would prefer in his post as it would make my work easier.


My firsts step consisted in what other singers posts with lyrics on looked like. Searching on Google image in general didn’t help me and therefore by using actual singer names like Justin Bieber, I started finding the research and inspirations I was looking for. The picture below show what I found most useful for my project.


For this project I didn’t consider the need of sketches as all I had to do was edit the picture and remove all imperfections and try to somehow add the text in a good font and balanced composition, which is why everything was done in Adobe Photoshop.


In terms of development I first had to remove all imperfections of the skin using tools such as Blur Tool Smudge Tool, Pattern Stamp  Tool and so on.

Following that I was trying to see which fonts would go better with the picture and the romantic message it send while not being too feminine.

After trying various types of fonts, from modern to, marker like, to elegant and different effects on the picture, I also tried a composition with roses as when I think of something romantic I straight away think about a rose and the colour red. Which is why in some of my compositions you will see elements such as roses .

Interesting fact: My first designs that I am presenting having the roses somehow distorted was created by pure accident but I really love the effects and therefore I kept the images like that.



Using the Magnetic Lasso Tool from Adobe Photoshop I cropped these roses as I wanted to create a more romantic composition considering that the new Album and the lyrics the client wants on the post are romantic as well. I later started laying those in my pages and then adding filters on them using New Adjustment Layer and playing with all the options the Software offers me until I obtain a result I was satisfied with as you can see below. Most of the roses are each selected individually and modified so they all have the same luminosity, colour so it can seem like they are part of the same composition and not separate elements brought together in one. This phase took a while as I had to do modify each rose and check if it goes with the composition but in the end I believe it was worth it as I really like the composition even if it was not the idea used in the end .


These are the works developed throughout the project in Adobe Photoshop as it is the best Software for editing pictures.


Below I have the picture chosen by the artist. He chose to go with something more simple and therefore this is what he received. The client was very happy with the final result and so was I as I was a bit confused when it came to approaching this brief as the client had no preferences or ideas to give me.

I did not send the Photoshop file this time, just the JPG with the highest quality as there was no need for that in this project.

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