Logo animation & Flyers design

I created in Adobe After Effects this elegant animation for Kind Alfred Theatre Arts, a new company in town . They reguested a simple, but elegant and prestigious logo animation which is why the first thing that crossed my mind was a gold version of their logo and it was their favorite idea too, therefor work went smoothly.

King Alfred Theatre Arts CIC is a theatre production company founded by Josh Armstrong while in his first year at University. Its main focus is to encourage creativity and give students the chance to perform on professional stages as well as offering other unique opportunities.

Time spend working on the project: 1 month

1. Research

My first step in creating this logo was getting inspired by other logo animation videos found on Youtube as you can see below while trying to analyze the process of creating them and learning new techniques in order to make sure I can create different but original design options to give the client and a final option in time for the deadline which was a month at that time. Having basic knowledge in Adobe After Effects from previous University projects helped me move faster in the process of creating the logo animations, all I had to do is learn more techniques and then choose the best ideas for this project.


2.Process & development

Here you can see one of the videos I followed in order to gain another skill in the Software but changing it, creating another kind of composition,  in order to have original content. Therefore the videos were used for gaining skills that I would use for my own design compositions,such as the particle effect, the 3D effect and so on. This new effect presented below is called trapcode particular or disintegration effect.

Main Tutorials I learned skills from and applied in my own design compositions:

The videos I presented represent both my research and the tutorials I followed in order to gain the skills necessary to create my idea of a Gold 3D looking logo, as well as the ones for the disintegration of particles.


"Alex was such a professional person to work with and accommodated ideas we had as well as putting a creative twist to it! Quick, professional and amazing quality work!”
Josh Armstrong
CEO & Executive Director





Some other work I did for this company was creating flyers for different events. I created this Flyer using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe InDesign. Adobe Photoshop made editing the picture received from the client and the composition overall more easy  and InDesign was perfect for flyer printing which is why I used it.  The client also had their own in brand font which i why I used it for the title but I was given the freedom to use other fonts as well. 

At first I didn’t know how to create a flyer with the designs on both parts but after using a Youtube tutorial  I managed to overcome that obstacle. Another obstacle consisted in converting in to PDF but following the second tutorial I managed to overcome that milestone.



Because of the strong light/dark contrast in the background received from the client choosing text that would be seen easily without using too many colours and finding fonts that would work with the main font the company uses was a big challenge for me. Therefore I created my “home made”text in a different file in Illustrator, adding a red or black rectangle and then the text in white on top. The results are bellow. I believe the new fonts made work well with the main font used by the company and is “strong”enough to have impact on the flyer even with the strong background I received.




Therefore as a conclusion I believe I managed to deliver a successful outcome in terms of logo animation and flyer design that  made both me and the client happy. Even if I struggled sometimes with a difficult background to work on I managed to find appropriate solutions in order to have a successful outcome.

I would always communicate with my client and I would make sure my design approach does answer the brief  while respecting at the same time the requests given (such as certain font to use, background to use, what logo to add in and so on) and that I offer him enough design ideas so that I manage to design something on my client’s taste, which I did.

In the future I would try to sketch maybe wire frames for my logo animation so I don’t waste so much time on learning new effects if they might not be on the client’s taste at all. Element which would save me time and make the design process faster by designing more design ideas on the client’s taste.

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