For my third year I had to apply to a variety of design agencies in order to gain experience in the field and understand how a design agency works. In this page I will explain that jurney.

Entering my third year at the University of Winchester studying Digital Media Design, I was assigned to apply for internships in the design field and encouraged to work on our my own client projects outside university, as well. In order to do that I applied to different design agencies from Winchester and around it, and in the city I was going to spend time in the summer. I managed to obtain a role in the communication department at The Winchester Hub that would start early in September focusing on online advertising and printing material, but I also had an internship at Yes Agency in Baia-Mare, Romania for the period of a month in the summer before my third year.

Yes Agency - Baia Mare County, Romania

My first step in obtaining my internship here are the following steps:

  • Preparing my CV, website and email
  • Emailing about the internship
  • Meeting with them face to face asking for the possibility of an internship
  • Internship approved after two weeks
  • Start working there every Friday for a period of a month.

My work at Yes Agency involved in taking part in meetings for the projects I was allowed to be part of, exploring their amazing facilities, having an insight on their everyday life, giving opinions in design matters, designing my ideas of the sections from the website or poster I was allowed to. didn’t reach the goal of enhancing any skills but it did serve for good experience in the field.


 I was allowed to come every Friday working from 8 to 4 for the period of one month before I had to come back to University. 

Because of my short time there I wasn’t given many design opportunities,which is why this didn’t reach the goal of enhancing any skills but it did serve for good experience in the field.




Time management

Below I have  a table explaining what I did in each week I was at the agency. As my time there was short I did not manage to create many design work besides some sketches and a little web design on Adobe XD for certain sections of a website a team was working on which the members of the team got inspired from. I was not allowed to take any of the work home and worked on one of their computers as the project I was allowed to take part of was very private.


Winchester Hub - Winchester Hampshire, United Kingdom

My first step in obtaining my place in the Communication Team at Winchester Hub, for which I worked starting September 2019 and I will continue working until the end of the academic year, consisted in the next steps:

  • Preparing my email, website and CV
  • Emailing about the position in April 2019
  • Getting an interview in April 2019
  • Getting ready for the interview (informing myself immensely about the volunteering organization and thinking of ways which would make myself stand out from the crowd, which is why I concentrated on talking about my skills in designing and my experience with volunteering and how these two elements would help The Hub)
  • Obtaining the role
  • Dividing our tasks, with me taking charge of half the online posting and posters,while the entire committee will take charge on the other half.
  • Start working in September 2019.

My work at Winchester Hub involved in going to our meetings discussing the week to come every Tuesday of the week. That way it would help me manage my time,which was extremely important as I am working a part time job which many times it would require me to work more than 30 hours a week.

Despite my busy schedule, most of the time I had frequently projects coming my way without warning and with a really small time constraint of sometimes a couple of hours or receiving the information late at night and the post or poster would have to be done by next morning, with a couple of design options the committee can choose from and deliver me last details changes in some cases, before getting them ready to post on The Hub’s social media channels (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter).

The Software I was assigned to use was Canvas, but I also used Adobe Photoshop, Adobe  After Effects and Adobe Illustrator when I needed to or when I would have more time to finish the project. My time constraint was the reason I didn’t have time for a proper design journey as most of the work had to me done extremely quick,which is why Canvas was a really good help as it is an easy Software to use and offers you elements to use for your own composition if you wish so.

Even if the Software is made to make the design job easier I would always make my own compositions, and when the time allowed me, created my elements in the Adobe products mentioned.

Meetings I was allowed to take some pictures in and other events:

2019-2020 MEMBERS

You can see my work developed there on the Winchester Hub Button from my Portfolio or here.

Time Management


Overall I am satisfied with my achievements from this semester as I reached all my goals. I managed to get not one, but two internships and I gained over 22 client projects outside my university work, while also working part time to sustain myself, which is more than I would have imagined that would end up with at the middle of my third year. Therefore, in the future I would keep working as hard as I did until now.

The design work done brought me not just a good portfolio, but also a great experience, as well as developing my skills in more depth in the Software that I worked in and even earned skills in a new one.

For the next semester I will be thought in more depth at Winchester Hub about the target audience and calculating the insights of our online posts in comparison to other events/ time and so on.

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