Darkness Collection

This collection approaches the Medusa/ snake theme with a more dark and flat style. As main colours I will use black and gold. Which will give the products an even more luxurious feel. By being a different collection I can approach a different style while keeping the brand consistend.

By keeping the same subject ( snake & Medusa) and using the Logo, fonts, tone, goals/views on my products I keep a consistency of the brand. From the start I knew that with this collection I will have besides a normal make-up palette, a mini palette as inspired by KYLIE Cosmetics.

It also gives people the option to chose a more cheaper palette while having some of the best colours in one little good for travelling palette. I wold have a lipstick and bronzer as well and promotional posters for the make-up that can be achieved with my products.

Brand consistency is the pattern of expression that affects what people think about your company. The more consistent your messaging, the more consistent your branding — whether via words, design, offerings or perspective. Your brand should build awareness and develop trust and loyalty with customers.

1. Research

Therefore my first step after decided the style, atmosphere and colours I was going to use, was researching. Like always, I would create a mood board on Pinterest and get inspired from there. The images on the left represent what I mainly used for inspirations.

Overall I was looking for very simple styles with a big contrast between the gold/yellow and black background and with a celestial element if possible. The composition with the hand is was what gave me the idea of using a witches hand which holds snakes as based on more research Witches were considered using snakes for their magic rituals. And therefore I had the connection I needed for me to take the next step in creating my sketches. I also considered adding roses once again but I decided that there would be too many elements fighting each other. I also loved how most of the drawings gave me such an ancient feel. Although I am not going exactly for ancient, but rather just prestigious, graphic look, it did inspire me.

2. Sketches

In order to start the digital development I had to sketch a couple of ideas in order to decide on a best one and to make sure what I have in mind looks good overall on paper.

Make-up Palette

My first designed element for this collection was the main palette. This dictated the style of the collection. As a style for this collection I am using flat lines/colours and adding celestial circular forms as a background element. The background is very dark as I used the colour black for it. The strong contrast between the light yellow( as a correspondent to the gold) and the dark background is giving a very dark yet charming look. The gold used on the sides of the palettes and packaging add to that luxury feel.

The Software used were Clip Studio for the illustration, Adobe Illustrator for the fonts layout and adding glitter pattern to the title, and Adobe Photoshop for the 3D look of the palette and presentation.

Design chosen and why

Therefore here are my final design choices. As always I chose to go with more simple options as in this case I believe that less is more. At a quick look it does’t look like it took days to develop but it actually did as I had to create each snake, give it gradients, anther layer underneath for volume, making sure the “light” hits in the right place in order for the frame to look more real. Following that I also had to crop circles for the “eyes” of the snake as always small details like that make a difference. I also added a gold thin frame at the end of the snakes as they would come attached to that as it makes more sense rather than attaching each snake on the black frame.

I also added golden frames around the eye-shadow which was my favourite option as it just looks elegant without making the palette look too busy. A similar technique was used by Kylie cosmetics as explained in more detail in the main page from the original palette. Developing the illustration and design of the front of palette took around two weeks to make as I had to undertake other university assignments, work and internship work. Later on I changed the logo as you saw before on on the layout development section. And then creating the palette in different angles took around a week. The packaging was developed in a few hours as I just  had to think and prepare the construction, it did not require me to design anything different.

Bronze Mini Palette

I came up with the idea of a mini palette version when I was inspired by another collection from Kylie’s Kris collection. 

The idea behind this palette is that the collection offers a mini option which is very good for traveling because of its size and it is also a more affordable option, having just the main colours available on the main palette in a smaller size. It is called The Bronze palette because the colours chosen offer a more bronzed & natural look. As it is a mini version of the main palette it of course has the design choices of the main palette such as the snake frame modified according to the mirror size, the gold frame around the eye-shadows, the packaging is mostly the same but the layout was created according to the main palette packaging. 

I chose to add the logo on the frame as because of the bigger size I had place to put it and it served as a reminder of the brand. The  reason why this frame is a little bigger is because it makes the mirror more safe for travelling without the risk of breaking so easy.

Kylie’s Kris collection uses once again a different style for the illustration and has a quote of her mother’s instead of the classic mirror. But a consistent element in this collection are the fonts used, the existence of her logo on the box’s packaging, the classic layout of eye-shadows and form used.


For my research I searched different popular make-up brands that created mini palettes in some of their collections and I was happy to see that many do have that. Huda Beauty and Kylie have mini palettes available for many of their collections, in many different styles and eye-shadow forms and so on. 

If you take a closer look at the palettes that inspired me you can see for example how Kylie’s mini palettes have such a different look compared to one another yet still being part of the same company as it has elements well known to the brand for example:

-For the STORMI collection which was dedicated to her newborn daughter  does not have not even  the name KYLIE which is the brand’s signature as a design choice over its products, but instead they did use the exact same font used in the KYLIE logo, in  a big size which is again quite common for the brand and it does have the 9 squares with round corners which is again quite common used on the newest colections.

Kylie’s diary is quite unique for me as it is one of the few collections that did not use the specific font for the name. But overall the palette is quite unusual compared to her collections which have a very classy and simple/clean look, as it has two blushes on the sides as well.Even so, it is still considered part of the brand because of the specific 9 colors alignment  and the presence of Kylie’s name on the palette even if it is in a different font, the star is so known that it doesn’t matter so much what font she uses. But I will admit that this specific collection might have straightened a bit far from the brand.

Huda Beauty- Well known for her preference of square forms and palettes colour that go perfect with the eye shadows it presents.

Farres- With a very unique  vitange design, pastel colours and simple product design. It managed to set itself apart from other brands because of its unique brand.

Too Faced- Popular for their unique design of the Candy Bar Palettes. It surprised the make-up industry with this new imaginative idea. Which is why I believe my snake frame idea will set me apart as well from my competition.


Ready to print construction

Lipstick design & packaging


Every make-up collection usually requires a lipstick and therefore I decided to add one as well. My main struggle was finding a simple yet modern creative design solution and yet practical. As part of my survey I received that as a main answer and therefore while designing I took that into consideration.

I knew straight away that I wanted this lipstick to be gold to be suitable for the brand of the collection ad the packaging will mostly be the same as the main palette but with small changes. I wanted it to look and feel high class and prestigious, modern and yet praticle. And I am very happy about the result. In the following I will present my journey from sketch to the end result and Poster presentations for promoting the product.


My research consisted in trying to find both interesting lipstick design inspiration but also popular & practical people’s choices. 

Therefore the lipsticks presented in the gallery on the left are the ones that inspired me the most. As you can see many of them use gold as this is what I intended to use for my lipstick as well in order to keep the brand of the collection consistent. And they have a mix between simple and practical and very interesting ones. I wanted something in between such as the last two presented which served as the main inspirations.

Main inspiration was the Huda Beauty lipstick that can be  found on the bottom right corner of the gallery as it looks so modern with the combination between a square simple base and a round outer lipstick tube for the lipstick. And Tory Burch which is the second to last lipstick as the gold design makes the item look so prestigious. I am not necessarily a fan of those lines but it did serve for inspiration for one of the lipstick I sketched but used winding/ waved lines instead as it would slightly mimic the body of snakes.

Poster Ideas

My first favourite is the poster presented bellow as it has all the elements I wanted to use such as the golden snake, lipstick mark, the lipsticks and title. It doesn’t look too busy in my opinion and the existence of the snake ensures even more of the brand the items belong to. The title is positioned to the left instead of the middle as the snake pattern background element was too strong for it and it was not easy to read.

This is my second favourite option for the poster. It is a more classic composition as you can see in the make-up industry. It is very clean and modern which I really enjoy.  Although it does not have a snake in the background I believe that just the existence of the items and logo is enough as many companies do that when presenting their products. Once again less is more.


Therefore, as a conclusion I believe I have developed enough products on brand and with a high quality and effort, for this to be considered a finished collection. All my make-up products were developed while maintaining the brand consistent by using the same colours, snake frame, snake design, Gold touches for a prestigious feel, dark feeling to the collection, presence of my logo on all the products and use of fonts specific to the brand. 

Overall I am satisfied with my work on this collection as well. I have developed both my illustration skills and design skills more and gained more experience within designing 3D looking products using Adobe Photoshop. I have more knowledge in the design elements used in the make-up industry and managed to develop a collection I am very proud of. I just wished I had more time to develop maybe a second perfume I could have used for this collection. But sadly it  did not happen in the end as taking time to redo certain products took away from my time ( for example the mini palette).

I hope you enjoyed my design journey and final designs 

Items from the collection

Promotional poster showing what amazing Medusa/ snake inspired make-up can people do with these palettes:

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