This project required both a website with it’s own brand, including a logo, fonts, colours, business cards and so on.


This project consisted in designing and developing a website for a new company called Carpatica Cups which sells to other companies recyclable paper cups. It is meant to officially open in 2021 when a law in Romania for forbidding plastic cups will be official.

The second task requires me to completely create the brand of the company, which means style, colours, fonts used, way of speaking, logo,business card and so on. At the end of the project when I finish creating everything for the client, I am also going to create a set of guidelines.

I loved designing for this project as it gave me complete freedom. I chose to go with a “water & wave” (liquid) kind of theme as it relates with the liquids that the cups are going to hold in them. Furthermore when you think of liquids you think straight away at water which is blue, which is  the reason why I chose that colour. The owner is also a fan of that colour therefore that went perfectly.

The cups won’t be used just for water, they will be used for coffees and so on, but I did not want to gave the website the colour brown as I did not think it would go with my light modern style I was thinking about. Also in my perspective the white of the cups goes better with a blue background rather than brown.

In this page I will present my design journey from research, sketches, to first design development to the last design solution.

A set of guidelines will be provided by March 2020.


Adriana Crina Petz, owner of the Romanian business side of Isuzu,  which is a global company. Owner of the new business Carpatica Cups recycling cups company.


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