It was lovely working for A different beast and creating their Brand by designing their Logo that will represent them from now on. It was an interesting journey going from a ‘cerberus’ kind of design idea , to using the scratch idea on the letter that you can see now in the final design presented on the right, trying to make it look like the marks left from a beast claw.

Following that I was also asked to design the outline and the most common 3D-ish look of football shoes that will be used in the future by the company through their different projects. 

Time spend working on the project: 3-4 weeks for the logo design and 1 week for the shoes design.



For this project the ideas came quite easy as I find in mythology a passion of mine as well. I first started researching  images of wolves and beasts from different mythologies & cultures across the globe. First focusing  on the ones the client knew of and then advanced in the Japanese art of drawing beasts as I couldn’t help myself not trying to find out more about a culture I am very found of. But of course focusing more on the beast the client knew about which was the north myth of the Celtic wolf .While listening to the brief I also immediately thought about “Cerberus” the guardian of the underworld.  Therefore I took this opportunity to search even more about that myth to help me understand the characteristics of it,as well as Google Images. Which ended up being the favourite one for the client as well, before changing the idea because of the manufacturers (the design being too complicated to put on such a small scale on shoes).  

Therefore below you can see the process of researching, mood boards and inspiration for the Logo:

One of my favorite designs was inspired from the viking mythology . I loved the feel it gave me the contrast between light and dark between the lines that are placed “playful” inside the form of the wolf and how elegant yet masculine it looks. It seemed like the perfect combination between femininity and masculinity, light and darkness and strong and fragile.


For this task I required to have a look online at football shoes as personally I don’t have such a broad knowledge about this subject. Therefore I looked at styles, texture,design structure(form), colours and so on. After getting used with the design I chose one that might represent the most common /normal form of football shoes and followed it’s design form. 

I had to look into texture of both the shoe itself and the shoelace as well as they have different texture even if they are part of a singular item. Below you can see my research and preference in shoelace texture.

I did not do a lot of research into colours as the client asked for a black and white option.



In every design project a designer has to start with sketching the ideas he has in mind after hearing the brief.  As it not only helps to make sure he doesn’t forget anything he/she came up with, but also seeing the composition overall(how the elements work with each other). Simple and rough as it is, it helps choosing the most suitable composition for your project. In my case as I am a very creative person , even in the process of sketching I still come up with different ideas and therefore for me the most difficult task is choosing a couple of ideas to fully develop and present to the client for feedback and to find out his preferences. 



As you can see in the image on top I chose a common design of football shoes and tried to replicate it making it look 3-Dish at the same time. In the picture I didn’t add any texture yet as I was still in the  process of finishing it. All the shoes will be in black and white as that was the request from the client.



I created 3 versions for the client for each angle asked which were from the view from the top,  right , left and a right and left diagonal as well.

The options created for each angle are the following. First the outline of the top part of the shoe therefore without the sole. Followed that, an almost 3D looking feel of the shoes in black and white colours so the client can add colours later on. And the third option with the texture on the shoe and shoelace. 

I managed to add the texture by  copy pasting the form I want to transform, over lay it with a texture found on Google image similar to the ones you would find on a basic football shoe(with a white colour) and then play with the opacity making it transparent enough that you can see the layer bellow (containing the volume of the shoe) and strong enough that you can still slightly see the texture, and lastly place it on top of the form that shows the volume of the object.

This project doesn’t require me to show other design options as the client agreed to the design I chose to recreate for him in a simple option.


Using the research and the sketches I presented before the following step relied in creating the logo. The software I created it in is Adobe Illustrator as it is perfect for logos. I used a golden wallpaper overlay so can give a more classy/ prestigious feel to the logo,but also a bit of an antique vibe as all the research on the beasts were from Antiquity. 

I also played with different kind of fond , from modern to celtic looking ones,as my research inspired me to try those styles as well. But in the end I chose to go with more modern/masculine ones as the company is about sports shoes. Therefore in the end  I tried to go for a strong,yet serious look to represent the company.


My second assignment consisted in  creating a monster inspired by the wolf  from the Celtic mythology and Cerberus the hell dog with 3 heads protecting the gates of Hell. But that changed after delivering the final design(first imagine with the 3 headed wolf),as the people assigned with manufacturing the shoes thought the design was too complicated to be printed on the shoes and therefore the client suggested trying to come up with the idea of claws over the letters and this is the final design chosen(the one below). ->


I really liked how this idea looks like on a business card.


The Logo

As a conclusion I am happy I managed in the end to create a Logo the client is happy with, even though I wish he would have consulted before with the people from production so I did not waste so much time on the first logo ideas.

But overall it is a project I enjoyed working in which is why I have so many design options. You can clearly see I had a passion for the monster legends subject. The research came naturally even though I already had a certain amount of information from all the books I have read before.

Even if I was not payed for the extra time for the second logo idea, taking a look back I can see how my work here has developed my skills in illustrator, making me more quick, as well as my design thinking for logos. 

I also learned that from now on, when it comes to production I will ask the client to first consult with the production team if he wants to implement the logo on the product so I can make sure  I will not waste any more of my time.

Shoes design

The shoes development were a clear task with a clear finish, but I still send the shoes to the client for feedback just so I can make sure I am on the right track.

Designed in Illustrator using different tools such as Pen Tool, image opacity, textures overlay and so on I delivered 3 versions for each abgle to the client if if he asked for 2, as I wanted to make sure he had everything he needed. One version is the outline of the top part of the shoe, the second one is the shoe looking like it has volume and the third version also has the texture for a complete finish, which the client was more than happy with.


As a look back I wold pay more attention to detail even if I was a bit upset of the time wasted that I wasn’t going to be payed for, as even if it was not worth it, a bit more attention to details would have made the project perfect especially for my portofolio.

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